The people behind the curtain: Gabe “Gaben” Newell

Giants like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven “Woz” Wozniak…… Gabe “Gaben” Newell?


Bad Karma Community launched on Facebook

​Bad Karma News on Facebook is one week old! Now introducing the Bad Karma Community (SciFi & Fantasy) for you to…like, now! Yay us.  — HQ — Hello!  After a fifteen year hiatus I decided to launch Bad Karma in a limited format on Facebook. The first week has been a lot of fun…

A.I. Friend or Foe?

Several years ago NatGeo hosted a think tank of the worlds leading folks in matters ranging from Infrastructure, Nukes, Etc…including A.I. The discussion was focused on greatest threat to human survival. It was a fascinating, apolitical and thoughtful debate that tacked the question from a macro point of view. Guess what? Fresh water was the…