Legion coming to FX – What to know.

​Marvels Legion is coming to FX on Wednesday, February 8 2017. In the run up the previews show a young man who seems to have superhuman abilities but is somewhat befuddled by events. 

With the obvious explosion of ramifications just those few facts ignite, it’s helpful that the folks at CBR put together a summary of “15 Things to know about Legion“.

  1. He’s Charles Xavier’s son.
  2. His life is trauma.
  3. His relationship with Moira MacTaggert.
  4. His Dissaociative Indentity Disorder.
  5. He killed half an island.
  6. His powers
  7. He caused the Age of Apocalypse.
  8. Is he immortal?
  9. His best stories? They’re in his head.
  10. Blindfold. His partner in crazy.
  11. He wiped himself..like, completely.
  12. Is Legion an X-MEN?
  13. Same universe as X-MEN.
  14. Noah Hawley is showrunner.
  15. Comic vs Television.

Legion is a complex character to say the least. His, is not a linear storyline. His abilities are not physical. There are all sorts of crossover points. Oh, and its Fox and not the MCU.

So, what to expect?

Hard to say, but with the historically steady Noah Hawley (Fargo) experience in non traditional story telling, this could be the most unique series of 2017.


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