Bad Karma Community launched on Facebook

​Bad Karma News on Facebook is one week old!

Now introducing the Bad Karma Community (SciFi & Fantasy) for you to…like, now!

Yay us. 
— HQ —

After a fifteen year hiatus I decided to launch Bad Karma in a limited format on Facebook. The first week has been a lot of fun and I truly appreciate the support from our massive family of folks involved in SciFi and Fantasy fandom, and industry from artists, musicians, writers and technicians.
Hopefully the page will fill your wall and favorite FB groups with concise interesting daily content. The strict apolitical and PG13 standards are intended to ensure our approved content reaches the largest possible audiences. Its a key goal to share our love of these topics with you and look forward to seeing your own contribution.
So please, like, share Bad Karma News and join the Bad Karma Community today! 
Greatest respect

R. G. Robinson

No memes please! 😉

Bad Karma Community Facebook

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