Is Vikings on History channel heading for Ragnarok?

Johnathan Rys Meyers joins Vikings.

Uhhh…Does that reflect that show creator and writer, Mike Hirst will stray ever further from history and sagas in favor of ever more gratuitous sex and violance? The history of this team suggests……/facepalm

The season finale of History channels “Vikings” turned to new chapters for the sons of Ragnar Lothbrook. One of them being an extremely short chapter. 
However, without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, its pretty well know that Johnathan Rhys Meyers is joining the cast.

The actor starred in Michael Hirst’s “Tudors“.
The series came under increasing criticism over its run for straying way off course by the final season, and, as we opened with…lots of gratuitous sex and violance. Oh, and Davis’s portrayal of Henry the VIII barely aged or gained weight by the conclusion.

Henry the VIII…you know? That one. Six wives, questionable morales and definitely not missing any meals in later life.

With the departure of the fan beloved main character of Ragnar Lothbrook (brilliantly portrayed by Travis Fimmel) is the “Vikings” series sailing into old habits of Hollywood?

Vikings season 5 previewVikings season five preview

Are we crying wolf?

“The series saw another big drop in the ratings last year — down 28% in the demo and 44% in viewers.”
(Source: tv series finale)

This year was extended to 20 episodes with last night being a “mid season finale” (‘al la’ TWD, which we hate).

Though season five received a very early renewel announcement, there’s nothing about the future or a season 6 currently.

So, yeah, we see possible Ragnarok and the Norse Fenrir wolf coming to the previously well balanced “Vikings” to boost ratings if they go all out “shock and awe”…Aw shucks….

Vikings season finaleJohnathan Rhys Meyers joins Vikings


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